Posts of the Week


As we submit to the welcoming embrace of the holiday weekend, let’s cast a brief glimpse back at the week preceding it …

The Union Square Café‘s Carmen Quagliata talks cookbooks, culinary influences, and his favorite and most hated foods.

Our 10 Best Classic American Dishes and Where to Find Them.

Battle of the Potato Salad: R.U.B. BBQ v. Hill Country Barbecue.

What to drink at Prune: the Chicago Matchbox, obviously.

5-Hour Energy: Does it work?

Ten barbecue tips for the Fourth of July.

The early word on Bento Burger.

You can’t get much bigger and gayer than 4,000 rhinestones.

An appreciation of the art of Norma Lyon, the butter-cow lady.

Make Chris Santos’s salt and pepper shrimp, from Beauty & Essex.

Wendy’s berry almond chicken salad is decent, but still objectionable.

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