The Week in Food Blogs: Big, Bad New Gutbombs; Beer Myths Busted




This week in food blogs:

Eater mapped out the city’s biggest, baddest new gutbomb dishes. Frito Pie, anyone?

Grub Street busted eight myths about beer. For one, it’s not always vegetarian, folks.

Midtown Lunch noted that, despite a crackdown on food trucks in Midtown, there are still quite a few still parking there.

Diner’s Journal posted an item on frying. Choosing your fat can be the best part.

The Strong Buzz delighted in some of the funniest online food delivery requests, including one for cigarettes with the order.

Serious Eats had Michael Neff of Ward III address the ups and downs of being bartender.

Food Republic expressed its love for marmite.

Salon Food asked, Could you live without cooking oil?

The Daily Meal uncovered eight celebrities caught drunk Tweeting. We’re looking at you, Diddy.

The Food Section got excited about the first lab-grown burger, expected to be ready next year.

The Feast indulged in a $60,000 shot of Macallan.

Zagat Buzz offered some last-minute Fourth of July plans that involve bikinis and bottles.