Tom Hanks And Julia Roberts Kissing: Want To See It?


In Larry Crowne, America’s heroes Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts develop an unlikely attraction — and I’m wondering if you’ll be hot for it.

He plays a downsized man who decides to go back to school, where he studies speech with Julia, a cranky, unhappily married woman who’s over everything.

Did you just say, “And they work it out, while Tom scores in class — and after school, too, ba-dum-pum — as Julia finally puts a smile on her lips”?

Well, I won’t give it away, but yes, this is pretty thin and standard stuff, plus there are some supporting characters who don’t really add much.

Still, you can’t get more formidable players than Tom and Julia, who are as close to the Hollywood sign-meets-Mount Rushmore as you can get.

As they smooch, will you think, “Ooh! Forrest Gump and Erin Brockovich. Hot”?