House Republicans End Symbolic Resolutions


Republican leaders in the House of Representatives have put an end to the process of passing resolutions that are purely symbolic or celebratory. The Washington Post reports that last year, the House “passed more than 250, honoring everything from the Battle of Marathon in 490 B.C. to the IFC/Panhellenic Dance Marathon at Penn State University.” Republican leaders argue these gestures, which “accounted for 36 percent of all the bills the House passed,” waste time and distract lawmakers from more pressing matters. Despite our hopes that the first week of July would honor Balki from Perfect Strangers, we think Republicans are pretty much dead-on about this one.

Some members of the House of Representatives are angry that worthwhile causes aren’t being recognized, but if you really wanted to honor bald eagles or the NHL Champion Boston Bruins, you should’ve got in the commemorative plate-making business.

Don’t fret, sentimental symbolic resolution junkies; the Democratic-controlled Senate shows no signs of stopping this practice. Just last week they voted that July 23rd will mark “The Day of the American Cowboy.”


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