Watch the Space Station Pass Overhead Tonight


The International Space Station will be visible from the ground tonight and tomorrow as it passes overhead. According to, the $100 billion station should be easy to see because it is 25 times brighter than the brightest star in the sky, Sirius, and often as bright as Venus. Use the handy website How Many People are in Space Right Now to find out the size of the crew that will be haulin’ ass in the night sky tonight. This will also be the last time you can see the ISS pass by before an American space shuttle visits it; Atlantis is making its final mission on Friday.

Click here to find out what time the International Space Station will be in your neighborhood. If you are in New York, the space station will be making its closest approach at 9:35 p.m. tonight. This estimate is usually good within a couple of minutes.

Some things that may prevent you from seeing the ISS tonight:

  • Weather
  • Light pollution
  • Municipal fireworks shows
  • Illegal fireworks shows
  • Rerun of Undercover Boss featuring the CEO of Baja Fresh
  • Sore neck

Spot the Space Station in Night Sky This Fourth of July