Beard of Bees: A Stroll Through Flushing’s New World Mall


The Main Street entrance of Flushing’s new New World Mall

Remember the Old Navy on Main Street at the corner of Main and Roosevelt? Providing the best public restrooms in Flushing and haphazard heaps of even cheaper and bigger clothes than the other Old Navys in town? Well, it’s gone, and in its place has arisen a glitzy new Hong Kong-style mall, with the doors opening two months ago. Fork in the Road took a walk-through, and here are the results. Don’t be surprised that we became distracted by the diversity of pig parts in the supermarket.

The mall has four levels, of which Level L houses a food court (still a work in progress), Level 1 a gigundo supermarket, Level 2 trendy and untrendy shops, and Level 3 a football-field-size restaurant specializing in seafood.

With its faux-crocodile cover, the menu looks promising …

… and the layout is expansive, with an atrium streaming down sunlight in the middle.

By contrast, the shopping floors are a bit cramped, and the stores sometimes a bit trashy.

Now, on to the supermarket!


Known as J-Mart, which is only one letter away from Kmart, the supermarket occupies nearly an entire floor and may be the largest Chinese supermarket in town. Or maybe not.

As promised, the beard of bees — on a honey jar, of course.

How about some jellyfish head?

Or Dry Salted Duck Parts?

Fresh duck parts are available in profusion, such as tongues …

… and gizzards …

… and feet.

Next: Pig parts!


The nearly rhyming “Pork Snort”


To paraphrase the Who: “Piggie, can you hear me?”

You’ll have to figure out “Pork Bungs” for yourself.

Finally, this is how you wrap an “Old Chicken” with legs and feet fully attached.