Bronx Pop-Up Piano Actually Taken by Parks Department


Remember the case of the stolen Sing for Hope piano in the Bronx? City Room has found the thief, who turned out to be not so much a thief, but the city’s Parks Department. A spokeswoman for the department fessed up, telling the Times that “parks workers unknowingly discarded the piano, which appeared to have been vandalized and was lying on its side.”

“I am very upset to say the least,” Lis von Uhl, a Friends of the Williamsbridge Oval member, told us Tuesday.

Meanwhile, on Thursday, local children painted the piano that was donated as a replacement, according to a press release from Friends of the Williamsbridge Oval. That piano, the Thursday release said, will be “embellished by a local artist” and then donated to the remodeled Recreation Center at the Williamsbridge Oval Park, which is set to open this summer.