Casey Anthony & Dominique Strauss-Kahn: Not Enough Evidence


So we have two cases in which there’s not quite enough backup to deliver the verdict you might fantasize about in your darkest flights of fancy.

With Casey Anthony, she definitely lied, evaded, and her car trunk reeked of decomposition, but there doesn’t seem to be that 100 percent connection to the crime that would seal her fate.

Still, I feel she’ll get a guilty verdict and many years in the clink. And she deserves it.

I mean, does anyone believe the kid drowned, but had to have her mouth duct-taped anyway?

With Dominique Strauss-Kahn, they’ve basically put the victim on trial, as they do in so many rape cases.

They’ve called her all kinds of names, including whore, liar, and exploiter.

Unfortunately, in this case, some of the claims seem to be true (though I’m not sure what her possibly having been a prostitute has to do with her cred — and besides, she had a vaginal bruise after her Strauss-Kahn encounter! And his alleged past victim isn’t letting up!).

So Kahn might not face charges after all.

And who knows, he might even go on to run for president of France.

As his country sits and wonders.