City Cuts Summer Lunch Program; More Food Trucks Get Booze


According to the U.N., world food production will have to increase by up to 100 percent by 2050 and focus on greener methods if the planet is to sustain an expected population of 9 billion.
[Washington Post]

Corn isn’t the only crop getting cheaper. Prices of palm oil, used in products like instant noodles and margarine, might hit a nine-month low as supply keeps growing in Malaysia.

The city has cut the number of locations participating in the summer school lunch program this year by some 22 percent.
[NY Daily News]

Eva Pesantez, executive chef at Brother Jimmy’s BBQ, offers some tips on smoking meat in your apartment. Tip No.1: Keep an open mind. Tip No. 2: Turn off the smoke alarm.
[NY Post]

As expected, three of the four food trucks parked outside Tavern on the Green have been granted liquor licenses.