Drunk Puppy-Buying Crackdown in the West Village


Le Petite Puppy, that adorable Christopher Street store that you can’t help gazing into the newspaper-shaving-coated puppy-housing windows of for hours and hours, and maybe even going inside even though you have no intention of buying a puppy nor do you believe in pet stores, really, has issued a ban on drunk puppy buying. Also, no drunk puppy-holding. There’s been a rash of drunk people stopping by after happy hour, coerced by fluffy cuteness, thinking it might be a good idea to buy a dog, reports DNA Info. While this is okay when it’s a hat or a thousand-dollar watch or some shoes you’ll never wear, a puppy is a living creature, and drunkenly buying one is not okay!

Lest you think this is not a scourge of epic proportions, another store in the West Village, Citipups, has also had to ban drunk puppy buying. And one time, the manager of Le Petite Puppy recalls that a Chihuahua nearly overdosed on pills after going home with a woman who seemed drunk. These are the sorts of things that can go wrong when people buy drunk puppies puppies drunk. It doesn’t take a genius to know:

The adorable sight of furry faces in the window and the effects of alcohol can be a bad combination, [Le Petite Puppy’s manager Fernanda] Moritz said.

Be forewarned. Puppies have been dropped.

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