Icona Pop’s Bratty, Hypercolored “Manners” Video Is Top Of The Blog Pops Today


“This icona pop video got the “arcade fire newsbreak 2008″ blogger treatment, huh?,” tweeted the blogger who runs The Culture Of Me a little while ago, and, well, a brief Twitter search will show you that yes, there’s a fair amount of online chatter surrounding the Swedish pop duo’s new video for “Manners,” a glitched-out campfire singalong with a persistent hook—not quite at the level of “#beliebersarewinning,” but enough to move the “take notice, music people” needle. Of course, releasing a video with people decked out in dayglo paint is a surefire way to get on the minds (and in the blog backends) of those people who’ve just returned from not-long-enough long weekends. But it helps that the song, which stomps like “Closer” but possesses a deliciously petulant hook, is very good as well. Probably not the next Arcade Fire (because who can be, right?) but this track is definitely up there on the “summer jams of 2011” list.