Introducing the Zero-Packaging Supermarket


No matter how much you recycle, used packaging will always at some point in its lifetime (and possibly yours) end up in a landfill somewhere. Which is why environmentalism 2.0 is about using materials that don’t need to be recycled because they decompose. Or, even better, consuming products that don’t require packaging at all. This is the idea behind In.gredients, America’s first-ever packaging-free grocery store.

According to Good, the Austin-based supermarket will offer local and organic ingredients in bulk, including grains, spices, coffee and tea, dried fruits and nuts, oils, dairy, and beer and wine. Customers will be encouraged to bring their own containers, from bags to growlers, and the store will supply compostable vessels if needed. The plan is to open in East Austin this fall, provided funding needs are met. (In.gredients is calling for investors on its website.) No word yet on plans to expand beyond Texas.