It’s July, and People Happen to Be Eating a Lot of Ice Cream


Although we’ve almost put the Frozen Treats Fortnight behind us, we are powerless to resist the vicarious thrill that comes with indulging in other people’s ice cream coverage.

Particularly when it involves graphic footage of Ample Hills’ malted-milk-ball ice cream. That comes courtesy of Chow, which recently paid a visit to the new Prospect Heights ice cream shop and filmed owner Brian Smith as he churned dairy, crushed malt balls, and rolled a waffle cone.

We’d be slightly ashamed to admit that it made us drool a bit if we didn’t know how easily others succumb to ice cream’s awesome charms. Like the folks at Ad Age, who took advantage of last Friday’s slow news day to concoct a few late-night-themed ice cream flavors.

Following the lead of Ben & Jerry’s, which recently rolled out Jimmy Fallon’s Late Night Snack and Stephen Colbert’s Americone Dream, the Ad Age team came up with creations like Chelsea Handler’s Booze Cruise (mint-chocolate-chip ice cream, espresso-flavored chocolate sauce, and four shots of peppermint-flavored vodka) and Jon Stewart’s News Hash (“good-for-you stuff like walnuts, raisins and granola mixed into double-fudge ice cream and swaddled in butterscotch”).

While we’re pretty sure that none of those flavors would be as organic or otherwise gastronomically upstanding as anything being made at Ample Hills, they’re a fitting way to kick off July, which, thanks to Ronald Reagan, has been known as National Ice Cream Month since 1984. To drive his point home further, Reagan also appointed the third Sunday of the month as National Ice Cream Day, and reportedly decreed that the two days should be observed with “appropriate ceremonies and activities.” Given the results of our own exhaustive field research, that shouldn’t be a problem.