Matthias Poehm, Hero, Establishes Political Party to Destroy PowerPoint


Everybody hates PowerPoint. There is no disputing this. The only thing anyone has ever learned from a PowerPoint presentation is the fact that PowerPoint is worthless. Most of us just weakly accept that we can’t escape Microsoft’s juggernaut and continue to live in a world where animated transitions with accompanying audio effects are a routine part of the workday. One man, however, has decided to take a stand. Ironically, this heroic stand-taker is Swiss.

CIO Magazine reports that Matthias Poehm, the man delivering his powerful and just message above, has started the Anti-PowerPoint Party, or APPP. He argues that PowerPoint costs the Swiss economy 2.1 billion Swiss Francs a year (that’s about $2.5 billion). His reasoning is questioned because it is all based around estimates on time-wasting, but he makes his case without using PowerPoint. That’s worth more than any collection of accurate research or statistics.

If Matthias gathers the signatures of 100,000 voters, he will be able to call for a referendum on a nation-wide ban of PowerPoint. The party will also be able to enter candidates into Switzerland’s national elections. As of today, they are merely 99,755 signatures short of kick-starting this revolution.

Matthias insists his intentions are pure, stating, “We just want the people to become aware of this issue and the alternative to it. The solutions are available, but nobody is using them.”

In order to join the party, members must purchase Matthias’ book, The PowerPoint Fallacy, which will set them back €17. But don’t think this is just a tool to sell books. In Matthias’ own words, he says, “Yes, it is a tool to promote my book.”

Hmm. Well, PowerPoint still sucks.

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