Rikers Island Has Nothing on DSK’s Tribeca Townhouse, Say French Tourists


It really should not surprise us that Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s former house arrest location, at 153 Franklin Street in Tribeca, is now being used as a background for picture-taking French tourists whom we imagine gleefully sporting fanny packs and an unmistakable joie de vivre…but it does, if only because the man’s transition from IMF head to accused rapist to basically almost free man again (or not) has been whiplash-inducing, truly. Which, we guess, makes for the best sort of photo opp.

The New York Times stumbled upon this new trend among French tourists: Visiting the Tribeca locale and getting their pictures taken — grinning, gesturing, and lamenting the closed curtains — in front of Strauss-Kahn’s abode. Some are supporters, some are thrill-seekers, some want to meet DSK, and some just go where the news is. After all, the house is a beaut! Everyone can surely agree,

“It’s much nicer than Rikers Island,” observed Bob Taylor, 44, who is in town from French-speaking Belgium and who popped by the house after a day of shopping with his son and daughter.

What French tourists don’t understand, though, is why journalists should be so interested in the house. “It’s very strange,” said one. “So many people for just one man.”

For French Tourists, Strauss-Kahn Town House Is Must-See [NYT]