10 Runners Are Jogging One City Block for 3,100 Miles in 5,649 Laps


The Observer today reports on a bizarre, painful ritual that is taking place right before our eyes. No, not power media couples, nor reading about power media couples. This ritual has been undertaken by a group of the disciples of deceased Indian spritual leader Sri Chinmoy. 10 of them are now in their 23rd day of a 3,100-mile race around one single block in Jamaica, Queens. Currently, Finnish ultramarathoner Asprihanal Aalto is in the lead of this especially dizzying version of Groundhog Day meets Forrest Gump. The block involves a loop around the Thomas A. Edison Career and Technical Education High School done a total of 5,649 times, which measures to “just under 60 miles a day.”

Easy! Minus the harsh toll on your footwear.

As this article from last year’s race in the Wall Street Journal explains, the average runner goes through 12 pairs of sneakers.

This is the Annual Self-Transcendence race, because, obviously it is. It’s in its 15th year, and goes from June to August. The purpose of the race is to unlock the true potential of the human spirit — or, failing that, to crush it entirely. No, really, we’re impressed! Run, run, run. Then lie on the floor and will the spins to stop.

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