Bee Swarms Invade Manhattan, Again


It’s been a season of bees, so to speak, with swarms making news in Little Italy and across our fevered nation. And now the otherwise humdrum Flatiron District, DNA Info reports, has been hit with not one but two giant swarms of honeybees — one at the Perfume Warehouse (makes sense) at 22 W. 30th, and another around the corner in front of BeadKraft bead store. Andrew Cote, our local bee expert, got a call to his New York City Beekeepers Association “swarm hotline” yesterday and headed out to rescue the first bee swarm, which weighed 4 pounds and comprised 15,000-some bees.

The second group, which consisted of 14,000 bees, he determined, was probably an “after-swarm,” or bees from the same hive that followed the first swarm. Which is…consoling? Worrisome? It’s still 3 or 4 pounds of bees! In any case, the second group was “suctioned up” by the NYPD.

Cote’s rescued bees have been brought to a hive in Norwalk, Connecticut, where they are far from New York City and will have a chance at a presumably normal life. Cote says reassuringly that swarms “are not at all dangerous, though they are perceived to be.”

They’re better than bed bugs, at least.

Two Bee Swarms Hit Flatiron District in One Day [DNA Info]