Boardwalk Empire Films on East 12th Street


This afternoon EV Grieve reported that the Prohibition-era HBO show Boardwalk Empire was filming in the East Village, so we decided to do a little investigating. Sure enough, the show’s equipment had taken over the area in front of Italian restaurant John’s of 12th Street. We didn’t see any of the actors, but EV Grieve has a shot of what seems to be Vincent Piazza in costume as Lucky Luciano.

The location is fitting. Luciano is linked to 265 East 10th Street. A commenter on EV Grieve added:

Very appropriate location. Do the producers know that this Italian restaurant was there when Luciano lived at East 10th Street and First Avenue as an up-and-coming hood? I believe a Mafia don ate his last meal there before being shot down the street….

We also spotted a table adorned with small deco-style lamps.

One person on the set told us that they were only shooting at the location — a first for them — today. While no light was shed as to possible plot lines, we’re guessing someone probably either does a deal or gets shot in the restaurant. Just throwing that out there.