Casey Anthony Career Plans! Here’s A Great Idea!


So she got off.

I guess that really was rotting pizza in her car trunk, not the decomposition stench of her murdered and duct-taped daughter.

So what’s in Casey Anthony‘s glamorous future?

I know!

A stint on Broadway!

Where stunt casting is king!

And where the biggest hit revival is a show about the fame cravings of various wanton killers of the female persuasion, all in the context of severe judicial distortion and crass celebrity justice!

Casey should play Roxy in Chicago.

She wouldn’t be any worse than some of the other gals who’ve tried it.

In fact, I’m sure she’d kill in the role!

And to play Billy Flynn, the sleazy lawyer who throws figurative sawdust in jurors’ eyes, I have an idea for that, too!

They could Skype in O.J. Simpson!

Original songs by Phil Spector, with narration by Nancy Grace.