Duane Reade Just Keeps Getting Fancier, Foodier


Soon, you might need a jacket and tie to go to the drugstore. Duane Reade, which last year installed a beer bar in one of its Williamsburg stores, has now hired a sushi chef for its new Wall Street location.

According to the Daily News, the new 22,000-square-foot flagship, opening tomorrow, will feature a juice bar peddling made-to-order $5 smoothies, pastrami from Carnegie Deli, Zabar’s sandwiches, and Ronnybrook milk — in glass bottles, like at the farmers’ market. It’s a far cry from the days when Duane Reade was where you went for diapers and last-minute birthday cards. What’s next? A roof garden? A grilled-cheese-peddling pop-up? We’re holding out for the inevitable sidewalk café.