Ghost The Musical! I Swear!


Ghost the movie always appealed to me because I felt it worked as a supernatural tale, a romance, and a wacky comedy.

I was a sucker for its charms from the second Demi Moore started working that pottery pole and dead Patrick Swayze appeared behind her.

(I always wanted him to appear behind me.)

Well, now Ghost is a musical in the U.K.

And the Swayze guy looks damned good for a dead person.

And the Demi lady looks happy to be unwidowed all of a sudden.

And the Whoopi lady is out of her mind.

And …

Well, check out the official trailer and you will surely be swept away by all the ghost whispering and human belting.

And you will probably think, “Why is this a musical???

“Might it not be one resurrection too many?”