Judy Gold’s New Show: My Review


Judy Gold grew up wishing she was in a sitcom starring the much happier Brady Bunch or Partridge Family.

Years later, she wished her life — as a 6’3″ Jewish lesbian comic with two sons — was the subject of a sitcom, so she could impart meaningful messages and her kids could see their experiences mirrored on the tube.

And though neither wish was granted, she’s gotten a really terrific one-person play, The Judy Show: My Life as a Sitcom (at the DR2 Theater), out of it.

Gold is a riot as she recounts her childhood as a head-banging outcast, segueing into her sudden popularity as the campus clown, then going on to stand-up success as a hard-hitting dispenser of comic observation.

But she hit a wall when she thought TV would respond.

I don’t want to give away too much of the show, so let me just tell you two tidbits:

*Logo wanted Judy to do a show based on her life, but only if she could make it more like “The L Word on the Upper West Side.” That didn’t happen.

*Then Oprah’s OWN wanted a Judy reality show, but changed their mind because they had just done some accounting and such a series would be “too risky.”

But this Judy show is just risky enough. Enjoy, laugh, learn, and cry. And yes, there is a Leave It to Beaver joke.