Mars Bar Patrons Are Really Sick of Reporters


Did you know that the Mars Bar is still closing? It is, though apparently not for another four to six weeks or so. And did you know that its patrons are sick of reporters asking them about their feelings on the matter?

As The New York Observer has discovered, they are indeed. When one of its reporters ventured into the esteemed shithole, photographer in tow, he was greeted with “‘yeah, pop that collar you yuppie fuck.'” Subsequent inquiries elicited “‘go fuck yourself and get the fuck away from me'”; “‘they’re gonna tear the whole place down so what the fuck are you asking me about shit for?'”; and one bartender’s request “to go fuck ourselves.”

Also in breaking New York news: There are tourists in Times Square, buildings are tall, and “local color” stories are colorful to everyone but the actual locals they portray.