The Best and Worst of #AskObama


Today President Obama hosted the first ever presidential Twitter town hall meeting, and it was just as awful as we thought it would be. The whole thing boiled down to nothing more than an opportunity for Obama to do a little campaigning for the 2012 election. The best thing about the media event was that the hashtag brought out a ton of Twitter trolls. We’ve got some of the best unanswered #AskObama tweets after the jump.

Hipster Says What?

Obama needs to get his priorities straight:

If he adds you, will you add us?

The Republicans have a point — Obama isn’t even wearing a flag pin lapel:

Assuming he knows the second verse…


Because America is seven-years-old:

What you’re trying to say is, “Will you be my friend on Pottermore?”:

The answer is Animal House:

And what we’ve all been dying to know: