You Can Now Find Tanoreen in Midtown


Although we’re not really fans of FoodParc, we now have one reason to be grateful for its existence. That reason is Tanoreen.

Starting today, Jeffrey Chodorow’s wacky and cynical food court is home to Quality Greens, a sort of glorified salad bar whose menu features dishes from the estimable Middle Eastern restaurant. Given Tanoreen’s location in Bay Ridge, we crave its food far more often than we actually eat it, so applaud the sudden availability of its hummus baba ghanoush and vegetarian grape leaves just south of Herald Square.

FoodParc is also now home to the fourth location of the Juice Press, the organic/raw juice bar known for plying wealthy orthorexics with juice cleanses and $15 smoothies. On the flip side, the food court has also debuted DogParc, a sausage stand featuring selected works of LaFrieda Meats. Somehow, we doubt it will be competing with the Juice Press for customers.

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