Zagat Doesn’t Think New York Makes the Best Bagels and Pizza. They’re Obviously Wrong.


The supremacy of the New York City bagel has been disputed as of late, with many people believing that Montreal is the bagel capital of the world. Um, hello, Montreal bagels are flimsy and always in need of salt. And now Zagat is positing that New York City might also no longer be the pizza or deli-food mecca of the United States. WTF, Zagat, where’s the hometown pride?

As for pizza, they write, “Can NYC compete with pizzerias who utilize local, organic, farm-ground produce in other states where it’s more readily available?” Please. Good pizza doesn’t need to follow locavore ideals! And how can you not mention newcomers Paulie Gee’s or Roberta’s or Motorino?

Regarding delis, it’s true that the 2nd Avenue Deli isn’t what it once was, but what about new smoked-fish spot Shelsky’s? Or Russ & Daughters?

Seriously, New York is where it’s at, people! Always was and always will be. And anyone who disagrees can simply leave.