Casey Anthony: One Of The Three Most Shocking Verdicts Of Modern Times


When Casey Anthony was declared not guilty of murder the other day, jaws around the world dropped so low you would have heard a deafening thud, except it was drowned out by the sound of Nany Grace screaming her lungs out.

But Casey’s not alone in benefiting from a jury’s idea of “reasonable doubt.”

Let’s not forget …

O.J. Simpson in 1995.

Despite a mountain of evidence, including overwhelming DNA, the jury convinced itself that O.J. may indeed have been framed!

The key plot point was the fact that his lawyer made a cute rhyme about how the criminal glove didn’t fit.

But it had shrunk from being drenched in blood! From the two people he killed!

O.J. rode on his brothers’ backs by using the fact that blacks have truly been framed for years, in order to get his own pampered ass off the hook.

He later got convicted of a way lesser crime, for which he got a very long sentence.

And …

Robert Blake in 2005.

The jury didn’t know who killed Blake’s ex-wife, Bonny Lee Bakley, but somehow they figured it might not be him.

“It sure seemed like he was the only person with the opportunity, the motive, and the means to kill her,” said commentator Jeffrey Toobin, shocked at the outcome.

But he’s also famous — and free!

Anyway, which of these verdicts is the one that made you throw up your gavel — and lunch — the most?