David Laffer, Alleged Long Island Pill Killer, Is Worried About Missing Jury Duty


While in jail for allegedly killing four people at a pharmacy in Medford, Long Island, last month, David Laffer, who hit the pharmacy in search of pills for himself and his wife, Melinda Brady, became concerned about his upcoming jury duty — he’d been called to serve starting June 28, but was arrested on June 23. Don’t you hate it when you have competing engagements? In a handwritten letter obtained by the Post, Laffer wrote to the Commissioner of Jurors, “Please be advised that at the current time I am supposed to be ‘on call’ for potential jury service. However, I have recently (as of 23 Jun) been arrested and am currently detained at Riverhead Correctional Facility on some very serious felony charges. I simply wished to relay this to you, so as not to get into any further legal troubles.”

Is this a good enough excuse to get out of jury duty? Per the Post:

O’Donohoe confirmed that Laffer had been called to serve on jury duty starting June 28. He said authorities would honor Laffer’s request for a postponement and gave him a six-month extension.

The letter came about through the advice of Laffer’s cell neighbor, George Guldi. O’Donohoe seemed dubious as to the nature of that tip — “I don’t know why you would ask the person in the cell next to you for advice – they’re in jail,” he said — but who else should a person ask, once in jail for murdering four people? That is a rhetorical question.

Trivia tidbit:

If Laffer were out on bail, he would still be eligible to serve on a jury, officials said.

For everyone’s sake, it is probably best that that is not the case.

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