Gay Wedding Etiquette For Those On One Knee


Last night at an Out Professionals event at the LGBT Center, I interviewed etiquette expert and author Steven Petrow, who told me the ins and outs of gay marriage.

Petrow said that since it’s a relatively new phenomenon, gays are basically forging the traditions as they go along.

And that all couples are different in the way they handle ring and name exchange, wedding costs, and all the other incredibly romantic rituals.

But Petrow did point out that after a certain age, it’s really tacky for either partner to ask their parents to chip in.

And that if one partner has a lot more money than the other, that person usually foots way more of the wedding bill (which generally lands around $25,000. Yikes — that’s more expensive than a funeral!)

Just then, Petrow’s lesbian sister walked into the room and offered her wisdom about the etiquette of using a sperm bank.

“It comes by Fed Ex!” she announced, as I ran to home to see if any packages had come.