Grizzly Bear Kills Man at Yellowstone National Park


In the first fatal bear-to-human mauling in Yellowstone National Park since 1986, a female grizzly has killed a 57-year-old man who was hiking with his wife and stumbled upon the bear and her cubs. The attack occurred close to Canyon Village, in the middle of the park, and remote campgrounds and trails near the scene have been closed, reports the Washington Post, with officials warning hikers to stay away — though at the same time, explaining that the likelihood of such an incident happening again is small (still, this is the third bear mauling in the region in a year).

The couple had apparently seen the bear twice on the hike. The second time, the bear charged, defending against a perceived threat, and the man told his wife to run. She didn’t see the bear attack her husband, but she was picked up by the bear by the day pack she was wearing, and then dropped. Her injuries were minimal.

The bear continues to roam freely, with park rangers looking for it. Meanwhile, we have no desire to leave New York City.