Mark Lugo of Hoboken Arrested in Theft of Picasso Sketch


Oh art thieves, your crime of choice sure does seem like a glamorous business when you’re envisioning yourself as Pierce Brosnan in The Thomas Crown Affair remake. But then you get caught like Mark Lugo, a 31-year-old from Hoboken, who was arrested in a hotel in Napa, California, in connection with the theft of a Picasso sketch from a San Francisco gallery. The 1965 work, “Tete de Femme,” was also located after having been stolen from the city’s Weinstein Gallery Tuesday morning. The thief, now thought to be Lugo, fled the scene in a “waiting taxi.” What do you even say to that cab driver? “Oh this? This priceless work of art? Just something I picked up. Now take me to the nearest vineyard. I need a glass of red.” Update: Our man had worked at fancy New York restaurants Per Se and BLT Fish. [ABC]