Motorcycle Crackdown in Northern Manhattan


Watch your bikes. Cops are cracking down on illegal, “dangerous” motorcycles “common in Northern Manhattan,” says the NYPD. Twelve such motorcycles were seized over the weekend for being unregistered, uninsured, altered illegally, or part of the problem of noise pollution and generally hazardous conditions, reports DNA Info. (But isn’t noise pollution sort of par for the course for all motorcycles?) Anyway, leave it to the authorities to infringe on our fun-filled freedoms, like driving around on a really obnoxiously loud bike, or buying a puppy, drunk.

This latest crackdown began last month, with 25 bikes seized in Inwood and Washington Heights. “This is an ongoing effort that will continue throughout the summer,” officer Hadee Pabey wrote ominously. In one instance, Deputy Inspector Jose Navarro was dragged down the sidewalk while holding onto the handlebars of an illegal bike.

Well, that can’t make a person happy.

Cops Seize 12 Illegal Motorcycles in Summer Sweep [DNA Info]