Same-Sex Sunday: City Marriage Bureaus to Open Specially on July 24 for Gay Weddings


When Governor Cuomo signed the Marriage Equality Act into law, it was set to go into effect 30 days later on July 24, a Sunday. As we reported yesterday, just when same-sex couples could actually get married was up for debate, because government offices are closed on Sundays and, as the NYCLU explained, couples normally have to wait 24 hours to get wed once their license is filed (unless a judge grants a waiver).

No matter, at least in the Big Apple. New York City officials are stepping up to the plate so that gay and lesbian couples can get married the first day it’s legal in the state.

According to the Times, city clerks and the main marriage bureau will open specially in all five boroughs on July 24. As for that pesky waiver, the Times reports, “city officials said a number of state judges had volunteered to be on hand on July 24 to waive the waiting period and perform wedding ceremonies.”

The clerks’ offices will be open from 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM that Sunday. For the next week, they will stay open two hours longer than normal to process the expected deluge of same-sex couples.

So for homophobes who think the institution of marriage will rot once gay marriages begin, and for cheapskate friends of homosexuals trying to put off buying wedding gifts, you’ll have one less day of peace.