The UES 2nd Avenue Deli Will Indeed Open This Summer


Two years after Upper East Siders started drooling in anticipation of massive caloric intake there, the 2nd Avenue Deli is finally close to opening its doors on First Avenue.

Josh Lebewohl, who owns the restaurant with his brother, told DNAinfo that while there is no firm opening date, “it will be this summer.” Although Lebewohl didn’t explain why the deli didn’t open in the spring, as it was originally scheduled to, he’s certainly been busy these last few months.

In addition to running 2nd Avenue’s Third Avenue location, Lebewohl had to contend with Arizona’s Heart Attack Grill, which in March threatened legal action against the restaurant for, it claimed, violating its Triple Bypass Burger trademark by creating the Instant Heart Attack sandwich.

In May, the deli filed suit against the restaurant, saying there was “no likelihood of confusion” between the two establishments and asking for a trial by jury. Although there’s no news of the lawsuit’s outcome, the $23.95 sandwich — which comprises “two large potato pancakes with your choice of Corned Beef, Pastrami, Turkey or Salami” — still occupies pride of place on the menu, and will doubtless be a boon to the Upper East Side’s cardiologists.