Would You Pay $250 For A Free Concert By A To-Be-Confirmed Band?


Back in the bubbly, heady days of 2007 the idea of rock-and-roll class wars was stoked by Social@Ross, a $15,000, five-concert series in the Hamptons that had big names like Billy Joel and Prince and that got deeply discounted before not being asked to come back for a second year. Well, now that we’re in another moment where it’s good to be rich, the East End is once again the site for some overpriced outdoor shows—at least, they’re overpriced if you’re a member of the “deal site” Gilt City, which is currently selling VIP-ish access to MTK Acoustic Sunsets, the series of Saturday shows at the Montauk resort Solé East that are sponsored by the brand-new, “fashion-forward” music festival Music To Know. The catch? Gilt City’s selling tickets to shows that are free.

We’ll let Bloomberg food writer Ryan Sutton, whose new blog The Bad Deal is becoming an ever more crucial resource in these Groupon-strangled times, explain.

Want to check out Sole East’s Saturday-night concert series in Montauk? Gilt City is charging $250 for reserved seating, a rather steep markup given that the concerts are free. That’s right. The concerts are gratis. You only pay if you want to sit down when Dirty Vegas rocks it this Saturday. I’ll stand up and dance, thank you very much. And I’ll call this one a BAD DEAL.

Details: The price tag includes seating on an outdoor bed for six people and one cocktail per person. A rep for Sole East tells me 18% ($45) is added onto the bill, bringing the REAL COST to $295.
Related: $45 bucks is a helluva service charge for six drinks.
Gilt values this deal at $600, which is amusing on many levels.
My advice: go for free, order a $12 cocktail, & enjoy the two-hour show standing up. Sole East assures me no one is turned away at the door.

There’s also a $1500 “VIP” option that includes dinner for six, but no alcohol beyond a magnum of Champagne. And buying through Gilt City is nonrefundable, which is probably not a great idea since a) the shows are outdoors and b) here’s the lineup for the rest of the summer’s shows:

Saturday July 2nd – Lady Danville

Saturday July 9th – Dirty Vegas

Saturday July 16th – Deer Tick

Saturday July 23rd – TBC

Saturday July 30th – TBC

Saturday August 6th – TBC

Saturday August 20th – The Wave Pictures

$250 a person to see “TBC”? I love those guys! You should totally check them out on the Hype Machine. I hope they (and the other bands on the bill) are at least making bank from this.