Alan Dershowitz Threatens to Sue Over Missing Video of Sister-in-Law’s Death


Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz is furious that the Manhattan D.A.’s office won’t turn over a video that shows the accident in which his sister-in-law was killed.

Marilyn Dershowitz was cycling with her husband on 29th Street last Saturday when she was thrown to the ground by a van or a postal truck pushing through a gap in traffic.

When word came that investigators had found a surveillance video that showed the accident, Alan Dershowitz asked that the family be allowed to see it. But as Dershowitz tells the Daily News today, so far he’s been getting the runaround, despite calling every day for a week.

“They have been stonewalling and foot-dragging and finding every excuse in the book,” Alan Dershowitz told the Daily News Friday. “You’d think that is something they could so easily do to help us get some closure.”

The issue isn’t just emotional — Adam Dershowitz, Marilyn’s son, is an engineer who specializes in accident reconstruction.

“He could be of great use but they clearly have made up their mind not to let him see it,” Alan Dershowitz said. “They’ve suggested that maybe they’ll let us see the tape next week — after Adam flies home.”

Dershowitz says the family isn’t looking to take the accident case to court, but they will sue over the videotape if the D.A. continues to withhold it.

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