Bedbugs Visit Staten Island Jail


Despite early rumors that this would be the “summer of bedbugs,” we’ve heard relatively little as the doings of those adorable creatures this season, especially compared to prior years. Remember when they took over Victoria’s Secret, Hollister, Hachette Filipacchi, the U.N., the Time Warner Center, and the world? Well, their sites are apparently lower, or maybe they’re just taking it slow this summer, because the latest place bedbugs are calling home is the 120th precinct station in Staten Island — specifically, the holding cells thereof, reports the Staten Island Advance.

The NYPD has closed the area and the Department of Correction is looking into whether the bugs ended up traveling by way of suspects to Stapleton Criminal Court, which, obviously, would be bad. It’s one thing for the bugs to be locked away, but quite another for them to be mingling among civilians.


“At this time, we have no reports of staff or inmates complaining about bedbug bites.”

Questions remain, of course. How did the bedbugs get to Staten Island? Do bedbugs take the ferry? And, more importantly, why did they go to Staten Island?

Alas, we will probably never know.

Bedbugs infest Staten Island’s 120th Precinct lockup [Advance via NBC NY]