Dear Fans: Your Favorite Bands Would Like You To Quit Being Idiots


“I’m not saying don’t drink. Just don’t do 13 shots out of a bowling ball. The guy peeing where he’s standing? That’s a problem.”

O.A.R. manager Dave Roberge on the rowdy fans that helped his charges get banned from the Jones Beach Theater after a particularly rowdy show where 20 drunk teenagers got arrested in the Wall Street Journal‘s look at the fan-control efforts recently put forth by Roberge and other bands. Among them is a policy that “demands that fans refrain from fighting, doing illegal drugs, wielding laser pens and drinking underage”; it’s known as “Don’t Be That Guy/Girl,” which is a reference to the old PCU joke about not wearing a band’s t-shirts to that same band’s gig. My, how party fouls have changed since the dawn of the alt-rock era. Maybe selling more smart drinks would help stem the tide of alcohol seepage into the brain? OK, so they tasted like chalk, but still.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on July 8, 2011

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