Dear Fans: Your Favorite Bands Would Like You To Quit Being Idiots


“I’m not saying don’t drink. Just don’t do 13 shots out of a bowling ball. The guy peeing where he’s standing? That’s a problem.”

O.A.R. manager Dave Roberge on the rowdy fans that helped his charges get banned from the Jones Beach Theater after a particularly rowdy show where 20 drunk teenagers got arrested in the Wall Street Journal‘s look at the fan-control efforts recently put forth by Roberge and other bands. Among them is a policy that “demands that fans refrain from fighting, doing illegal drugs, wielding laser pens and drinking underage”; it’s known as “Don’t Be That Guy/Girl,” which is a reference to the old PCU joke about not wearing a band’s t-shirts to that same band’s gig. My, how party fouls have changed since the dawn of the alt-rock era. Maybe selling more smart drinks would help stem the tide of alcohol seepage into the brain? OK, so they tasted like chalk, but still.