Iconic Punk Brand CBGB to Be Auctioned to the Highest Bidder


Everything is for sale, people. Everything is for sale. Including the brand of legendary punk rock club CBGB OMFUG, which, FYI, was converted to a John Varvatos store anyway years ago, so who the hell cares about memories and history and shit. No, but really, wouldn’t it be super cool to own the brand of CBGB? The estate of Hillel “Hilly” Kristal, founder of the club that launched the Ramones, will be putting intellectual property rights related to the brand up for bid via Streambank LLC, reports Bloomberg News.

This is just good marketing!

The brand still resonates worldwide and could be used for new opportunities in live clubs, apparel and interactive media, Streambank said.

We’re certain that is what some fancy pants businessman is thinking as he gazes at his classic American timepiece right this very minute. The brand is expected to fetch at least a couple million. Somewhere in heaven, Joey Ramone is weeping.

[Bloomberg News via EV Grieve]