I’ve Found The Right “Funny Girl”!!!!


You know — for the upcoming Broadway production of Funny Girl, the wonderful but little-revived show about legendary Fanny Brice’s pains and triumphs.

The revival that has every last detail in place … except a star!

Well, I’ve found her, and it’s popular New York entertainer Lady Rizo, who’s got all the qualities needed for the role.

*The explosive talent

*The wry humor

*The Streisand-esque sex apeall

*And she’s an original!

Rizo would be a real discovery for the audience — and critics — and a great excuse to bring the show back, rather than get someone slavishly aping Babs with diminishing returns.

If you still don’t believe me, check out the above video mash-up of Rizo doing “Cornet Man” and “My Man,” two brassy belters from, you know, Funny Girl.

This Lady really rocks the blues. Skip the reality show and just do the casting, producers. Don’t rain on my parade — just do it!

Video by Russ Turk.