Nancy Silberkleit, Archie Comics CEO, Says ‘Penis’ Frequently


A lawsuit was filed in the state of New York yesterday against Archie Comics CEO Nancy Silberkleit, attempting to bar her from the office and, worse, from Comic-Con, TMZ reported. Silberkleit is “offensive,” and documents say she burst into a 2009 meeting, “pointed to each [attendee], said, ‘PENIS, PENIS, PENIS, PENIS’ and then walked out.” She repeated that in 2010, but this time added “my balls hurt.” Here are our possible explanations for her alleged behavior: 1) she really wanted to win the penis game before anyone else did or 2) she just wanted to iterate what Betty and Veronica should have been saying to Archie all of these years. Ladies, he was toying with your emotions, no one needs both a blonde and a brunette. There are better cartoon men out there. [Jezebel]