The Week in Food Blogs: Pizza Road Trips, NYC Ice Cream




This week in food blogs:

Eater rounded up 11 foreign transplants that New York actually embraces. Ippudo, you’re one of us now.

Grub Street remembered d.b.a.’s Ray Deter and how he helped change New York’s beer scene forever.

Midtown Lunch worried that L.A. might get a Xi’an Famous Foods before Midtown does.

Slice listed 11 great pizza road trips to take from the city.

Food Republic posted its 10 favorite classic dessert-related movie scenes. And, yes, the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters is in there.

Salon Food enlightened us on the fate of the menhaden fish in Virgina.

The Daily Meal offered five of the city’s best ice cream joints.

The Feast gave us a whopping 30 outdoor dining recommendations.

Zagat Buzz suggested six spots for celebrating Bastille Day.