Dish No. 90: Softshell Crab Sandwich at The Mussel Pot


Softshell season — one of the tastiest times of the year — is basically over, but you can still find some spots selling the crabs. The Mussel Pot is one such place, frying the crustacean and tucking it into a palate-pleasing sandwich.

A light dredging of beer batter coats the crab, which is then placed into a soft bun and served with both fries and black-bean-and-corn salad. It’s a good lunchtime option should you not want to order the restaurant’s namesake offering. Will it be the best softshell sandwich you’ve ever eaten? Probably not, but the back patio — complete with koi pond and waterfall — is one of the city’s outdoor-space secret treasures. You could easily pass a lazy summer afternoon here with a glass of wine. Or two. OK, four.