Gansevoort Hotel Pool Dirtier Than NYC Public Pools


The swimming pool copy on the Gansevoort Hotel’s website reads: “This urban oasis is the perfect place for daytime sunning, a snack from ‘Plunge’ Bar and Lounge, or a quiet conversation in our landscaped garden.” It’s also the perfect place for picking up some coliform bacteria, which indicates fecal contamination.

The Post tested six pools in the city for cleanliness, and the fancypants Gansevoort pool came in last, behind five public city pools full of hoi polloi. Also, the test found high levels of sodium and nitrates, “possibly indicating some guests aren’t just leaking celebrity gossip.” (They’re talking about semen.)

Whereas, the five municipal pools tested — the Crotona pool in the Bronx, Red Hook in Brooklyn, Dry Dock in Lower Manhattan, Astoria in Queens and Tottenville in Staten Island — almost met drinking water standards. Rich people: grosser than you thought.