Rebekah Brooks Mocked by News of the World Staff in Final Crossword


Everyone at News of the World may be out of a job, but at least they found some small consolation in thumbing their nose at News International chief Rebekah Brooks in the paper’s final crossword today. Brooks reportedly instructed her executives to go over the final paper with a “fine tooth comb” lest the staffers attempt to take shots at her, but they weren’t thorough enough to catch the barbs in the puzzle section. The Quickie puzzle had clues like “Brook,” “stink,” “catastrophe,” and “digital protection,” while the Cryptic Crossword included gems such as “criminal enterprise,” “mix in prison,” and “string of recordings.” The clue for 24 Across: “Woman stares wildly at calamity.” The answer: “Disaster.”

(Okay, so that’s hard to see. It’s all in there, though.)

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