Introducing Fresh Fruit Creamy Infinite Ice, NYC’s Newest Frozen Treat, Dish No. 88


The elaborate concoction known as the Fresh Fruit Creamy Infinite Ice

This has been an amazing year for newfangled frozen treats, and so far we’ve seen the introduction of New Orleans-style Sno-Balls, ice cream for dogs, cheddar-cheese gelato, and the focaccina, a sort of ice cream focaccia. But our very newest frozen-treat choice goes by the verbose name of Fresh Fruit Creamy Infinite Ice, and it comes from China.

My colleague Zoe So mentioned it as we were on our way to meet some friends to check out the New World Mall Food Court, a vast collection of Asian fast food lurking in the basement of Flushing’s newest and glitziest shopping mall, at the corner of Roosevelt Avenue and Main Street in the old Caldor space.

“It comes from Hong Kong, and this is the only place in town you can get it, as far as I know,” she said. We found it without too much trouble at Noodle Village So Good, on the southern end of the food court. The price was $5.50.

There are five base flavors available: mango, chocolate, honeydew, green tea, and strawberry. When you order an infinite ice, the ice lady goes into the back of the stall and emerges with a cylinder the size of a big flower pot of your chosen flavor. We picked green tea, and the cylinder was a grayish-green color and obviously frozen. She then placed it in a hot-pink contraption that looked like a drill press and flipped the switch. Curls of ice — which had the consistency of a product once known as frozen junket, grainy and creamy at the same time — folded themselves into the plastic, tulip-shaped bowl. The very quantity of infinite ice was somewhat shocking, if not actually infinite.

Then she spooned on a constellation of toppings that we specified, including fresh blueberries and strawberries, sugar-preserved beans, red and white wiggly jellies, and lychees carved into tiny orbs. What a treat! Bring several friends along with you to enjoy it.

The pink contraption on the left is used to make the Infinite Ices at Noodle Village So Good.