Joan Crawford Rocks My Movie Club


The Eventi hotel offered my movie club another swanky get-together in their posh fifth-floor screening room — complete with snacks — so we seized it like the fine cineastes we are.

And for a main course, we watched The Best of Everything, the 1959 soaper based on Rona Jaffe‘s best-selling novel about a publishing house overrun with manuscripts for trashy novels!

Blond and tailored Hope Lange plays the up-and-coming reader who finds safety in the arms of gayish Stephen Boyd.

Pert brunette co-worker Diane Baker gets pregnant by upstart Robert Evans, who’s pretending to marry her, but in reality is driving her toward an abortion. (Fortunately, they have a car accident and she loses the baby anyway. Even more fortuitously, she then falls in love with the doctor!)

And glamourpuss Suzy Parker is the part-time actress who goes so crazy when director Louis Jourdan ices her out that she falls to her death, leaving just one high heel behind.

At the top of the heap is Joan Crawford as the frostily imperious editor whose best line is, “You and your rabbit-faced wife can both go to hell!” Joan is ostensibly playing someone named Amanda Farrow, but she’s basically playing someone named Joan Crawford.

And she looks rabbit-faced!

The movie is a glossy, beautifully appointed, and well-acted precursor to Valley of the Dolls, and this little bunny adored it.

Photos by Angelo Pitillo