Man Enjoys Brief Dip in Central Park Reservoir, Is Lassoed by Firefighters


Yesterday, by many accounts in the tri-state area a “gorgeous day” absolutely “perfect for swimming” was that moment of the summer in which a white 40-year-old male gazed out at the cool waters of the Central Park Reservoir. As if compelled by a seeming mirage, he scaled the chain-link fence (allegedly) and dove joyfully into the refreshing 40-foot-deep pool of wonder at around 3 in the afternoon. When ordered to get out by firefighters who could not understand the man’s need to immerse himself in water (or who were just doing their jobs), the man refused. So, three firefighters jumped in, swam over to him, and lassoed him with a yellow rope. Free swim!

Crudely yanked from his watery haven, the man was then checked for signs of drowning (he wasn’t) and taken to St. Luke’s, where he was found to be in stable condition because he was just going for a swim, people. A swim would be really nice right about now. Just not in the Gansevoort pool.

While we’re at it: How to recognize drowning.

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