Mobster Frankie Steel’s Lawyer Asks For Leniency After Puppy Was Traumatized in Raid


After an FBI raid on Frank (Frankie Steel) Pontillo’s Staten Island home — which involved concussion genades being thrown inside, propelling his 4-pound Maltese puppy, Logan, against a wall, from which the dog has apparently not emotionally recovered — Pontillo’s lawyer is asking the judge to “go easy” on his client, reports the Daily News. Defense lawyer George Farkas states in court papers, “The little dog has not been the same since.”

Pontillo was part of the January roundup of more than 100 mobsters (so many mob nicknames!), the largest organized crime bust in New York history. He was indicted for the relatively minor crime of “buying less than $10,000 worth of stolen TVs and other electronic items from a mob snitch in a sting operation.” What this has to do with his dog remains sketchy at best.

Pontillo also weighs 370 pounds, which FBI spokesman James Margolin says, along with his violent criminal history, made the tactics used necessary. As for the dog’s PTSD,

The neighbor said Logan has acted “terrified” around strangers since that morning, although the dog seemed playful with a photographer from The News.

Hang in there, little guy.

Mobster’s lawyer pleads for sympathy after feds traumatize client’s Maltese puppy during raid [NYDN]