Russian Boat Sinks, 100 Missing; Suit Dismissed Against Downtown Mosque; Bedbug Complaints Up, Violations Down


• A cruise ship called the Bulgaria, carrying more than 200 people, sank in the Volga River in Russia on Sunday afternoon. More than 100 people, including many children, remain missing — 13 have been confirmed dead. Rescuers continue to search for survivors.The boat was only licensed to carry 120 people. Russian President Dmitri Medvedev said he believed the 55-year-old boat was in poor condition. [NPR]

• Four were killed and two were seriously injured in a motor boat accident in the Hudson near the town of Red Hook, New York, in Dutchess County, on Sunday. The boat hit a concrete support structure and sank, throwing one man and pulling three others down. All four died. Two other passengers swam to safety despite injuries. [NYT]

• A New York judge has dismissed a lawsuit brought by former firefighter Timothy Brown, who wanted to prevent the Park 51 community center, which includes a mosque, from opening near the site of the World Trade Center. Brown had wanted to reverse a decision that denied landmark status to the building that would be demolished to make room for the community center. [CBS]

Bedbug complaints have risen in the last year — but violations have actually dropped. Those with an interest in killing bedbugs for money (a/k/a, pest control companies) say that civilians should be concerned anyway, and that the “bedbug problem will be worse than ever this year.” [WSJ]

• This New York Post headline says it all, sans pun: 75-year-old woman suing 77-year-old ex over unpaid child support 34 years after divorce. [NYP]

• A fire at Rikers destroyed 200 beds on Sunday. There were no reports of injuries. [NBC NY]